Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Dear Sir,

I WOULD like to bring to your attention that the Nirwana Education Group (Nirwana College, Windfield International college-both in Plaza First Nation Wide, Jalan Tun HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur), Aseana College-Sabah, Nightingale College, Etika College–Seremban and IUCN in Kota Damansara are employing illegal foreigners like Indian, Philippines and Myanmar nationals for many years now.

I hope the Police, Immigration and other authorities will do a sudden raid first in the Hq- Nirwana College and Windfield International College (Plaza First Nation Wide in 9th (Staff Room), 10th (Main office with Philippines Receptionist and a Myanmar girl working in the HR office), 17th (Nursing Staff Room) and 18th floor (Foreign Students Department) where many teaching staffs and even administration staffs are Indian, Philippines and Myanmar nationals with student visas working illegally.

The management of this college had been doing a lot of bribery to many authorities to run this college and do many illegal activities using foreign nationals.Why the Government allow foreign nationals to work and teach when there are many Malaysian lecturers who are more capable to teach the same subjects?

I hope the Government will get all the MQA staffs, PTPTN staffs, MOHE staffs who approve courses without qualifications and other authorities who is working hands and glove with this Management by taking bribery.

Firstly this Management had abused the license where they were only give license as Institute Nirwana but how can this management advertise and even all their letter head/ brochures and all information are as Nirwana College? How many students and parents are this management going to cheat further? Why the Government haven’t take any action on this too?

Just do a spy work first because this management have links with gangsters and many people in Government and you will see the truth on this matter. They have people all around the building, so please do the spy work and raid with proper tactics. Don’t let them smell you because if they do, they will get all this illegal work hidden.

Hope action taken fast before the parents start to sue the Government for allowing such Management to run for years and also before this problem become a national issue and degrade the afford by the PM to stop bribery and have a clean education in this country.

Thank You.


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  1. i just wanna to ask that will their make any legal action if i break the contract cause i signed them...n now i regret