Saturday 30 April 2011


UPGRADING….. Edward looking at the road under upgrading.


THE road upgrading work at Jalan Tuaran from Mile 6 Inanam to Mile 8 Menggatal town has caused much interference to the traffic flow especially during peak hours in the morning and in the evening. The road users here made many complaints to the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office to state their unhappiness for the long queue and lost of precious time and fuel.

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman, Edward Ewol Mujie and members have attended to the complaints and found that the contractor has closed one side of the road to enable work to carry on. The cars have to pack on to only one single lane and the traffic flow is slow moving. To make the situation worst, there are many pot-holes and the cars can’t move fast.

The people said that the contractor must ensure that flow of traffic should not be obstructed at all times, and they should put some one to direct the traffic flow. This will help to move the traffic at a faster speed. All the pot holes on the road surface must be first patched up temporary and the road shoulder to be widened so that the cars may have a wider lane to help them to drive easier and faster. All these can help if the contractor can take action.

The people said they have no other choice of road going to the KK city centre because the other two alternative routes Jalan Tuaran By-pass and Jalan Sulaman which are also packed with heavy traffic and jammed up daily.

Edward said the contractor must choose to work longer hours at night when the traffic flow is low and should also avoid peak hours working. They have to employ more equipments and people to execute the work. On the part of JKR, the department must assist the contractor at all times and check whether sufficient road safety sign boards are use on site.

He also urges the road users to be patient due to the work has to go on and there is not much choice due to the congested area and he hopes the contractor and JKR will work out a better plan to ease the traffic situation.

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