Friday 22 April 2011


HARD…..Edward with some of the hawkers showing some of the Tobacco and chewing items.


THE Sabah DAP Vice Chairman, Edward Ewol Mujie today visited the local Inanam hawker stalls who are selling the locally produced tobacco and the chewing favorite chewing of the local Kadazan and Dusun. The hawkers welcome the visit by Edward and the DAP members.

They complained about the location of their stalls saying that there is not enough customers come to buy their products and this is because they are being placed at the back lane of the shops which hardly anyone noticed them. They have been selling there for more then three months now and the sale is real bad. They said they can’t survive with the little bit of money, and sometimes is only a few ringgits a day.

The rental for the stall is very expensive and after deducting the rental, expenses and the license fees, they hardly have enough money to spend. The annual license fee is RM90 and the monthly stall rental is RM30. These people are from as far as Kudat, Kota Marudu and Kota Belud. They have to rent a room or a house which cost them another RM300 per month.

Edward said that these people really needed to be taken care of and given some assistance from the government. Their rental should be reduced and given special consideration. The DBKK should also arrange a better place for them to do their selling of the tobacco and the chewing stuff, and now putting them to the back of the shops where hardly anyone knows their present. There is about 20 such stalls doing business and there are not many customers.

We should have some promotion and even bring in the tourists to visit these stalls and to show the tourist the traditional ways of the local Kadazan and Dusun enjoying their local tobacco and chewing.

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