Tuesday 26 April 2011


MEMBER…..Orong Bin Sahap handing the membership forms to Hiew, witnessed by Alex Wong.


A GROUP of UMNO members joint Sabah DAP recently and had help out in the Sarawak state election to campaign against the BN.

A Kudat Bajau, Orong Bin Sahap has decided with his people to join Sabah DAP on the ground that they believe in the struggle for the people and the unselfish nature of the DAPs.

He hopes he can contribute together with the Sabah DAP leaders and become a member who can perform positively towards the well being of the people, especially in the Kudat area.

He expressed his lost of confident with the UMNO and especially the CM Musa Aman, and he saw that they are not really helping the Sabahan as a whole, in particular the very poor people of Sabah.

From what he saw in Sarawak, it is a true reflection of the feeling of the people there mostly from the bumiputera sector seeking for a change. He said DAP had done well but we still need the PKR and PAS to work harder together to prepare for the coming general election, which is decisive whether Malaysia can be changed in overall.

On receiving his membership forms, Hiew King Cheu the Sabah DAP Advisor cum KK MP welcomes him and he wish more people like him who can stand up to fight injustice, corruption, and abuse of power to join Sabah DAP or Pakatan Rakyat.

Sabah DAP is comprising a very high percentage of the bumiputera members and we have branches in some muslim area with members from the muslim brothers. We have no racial and religion differences, we act as one and there is only “Malaysian’s Malaysia”!

Also present during the ceremony are Kudat chief Alex Wong, the Wanita chief Shirley Ipon, and other members.

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