Tuesday, 19 February 2013


SLOW......New Kingfisher Park Bridge in slow progress 

THE CONSTRUCTION work on the Kingfisher Park Bridge is very slow and it seems that the work will need another one year or so before it can be finally ready for use.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu was approached by the road users here during his CNY walkabout complaining to him about the difficulties that they faced crossing the narrow bridge during the long traffic jam. The bridge construction suffered a long delay in the construction work and now is entering into in its fourth year.

There was a long stop work due to the foundation of the existing bridge being affected by the new bridge piling work. Later there were remedial works being carried out on the old foundation before new piling work can proceed. The construction work on the new bridge has resumed work, but it is rather slow in progress.

MP Hiew views this is unacceptable, and this reflected the inefficiency of the BN Government. They can’t even execute a simple job of putting a bridge across the river to help to solve the traffic jam. What else they can do?

The bridge work should be speeded up and there should be more workers deployed to work on the bridge for longer hours. The early completion means less pain for the people living in Kingfisher Park, and this will also help the Likas Hospital too.

To add insult to the people, the BN government had even approved a 0.9 KM road spending RM15 million of the people’s money to get to the State Assembly Building. This is just opposite this bridge.

The explanation given was because it is very difficult to construct this road and there is a lot of earth moving work. Many people said the existing road is fine and why build another one. The people said it is only few days in a year that the 60 State Assemblymen actually use this road, and the existing road is good enough for that purpose.

There is no traffic jam and not even anything near what they are facing in the Kingfisher Park Bridge, and so why spend RM15 million to build a road that is not needed. The money to be spent is not justified and the people said it is solely for the 'Project Purpose'!

KK MP Hiew commented that the super expensive road linking to the state assembly is not needed at all, and it must be shelved. The huge sum of money should be utilized to benefit the people in other areas. This reflects the inconsiderate and irresponsible attitude of the present government.

Hiew mentioned that there is actually other access which can be open up to ease the traffic problem in the Kingfisher Park and the near by housing estates. The government didn’t even want to put in effort to get these open up and constructed, but choose to spend huge sum to construct a RM 15 million road to the little used state assembly. Is the people’s headache and problem more important or the state assembly road is more important?

Hiew said Pakatan Rakyat will be a people caring government when it is elected to be the next government. The people’s problem will be given top priority and attention. It is what the people want and not what the government wants.

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