Tuesday 31 January 2012



DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a politician who will say anything to become prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed today.

According to the former premier, this included making different promises to appease different political parties within Pakatan Rakyat.

“He is a man who is trying to please everybody’s wishes,” Dr Mahathir told reporters here.

Dr Mahathir claimed that Anwar’s primary aim was to become prime minister, and that as a leader, he had no concrete plans for the country or Malaysians.

“His main struggle is to become PM, to go to Putrajaya. For Indians, he will support Hindraf. For DAP, he says he says ‘scrap affirmative action’,” said Anwar’s former mentor.

The longest-serving prime minister gave a speech here earlier on Malaysia’s approach to public leadership, in which he stressed the importance of voters being extra careful in choosing their leaders.

“If a wrong leader is chosen, there is a high price for it.

“In a democracy, one has a right to choose a leader. One also has the right to dispose of a leader, it is the best system by the human race,” he said, pointing out that a “good leader” needed to be well-versed in a multitude of fields and studies.

He also said a good leader needed to listen and be able to absorb criticism, and that the public must not be afraid to voice out their concerns.

“As PM, I did wield authority, but you must never forget your origins. We are all humble people, from lower beginnings,” Dr Mahathir said.


  1. I'm sure becoming the PM is the top of many high flying politicians in the country.

  2. Whether or not Anwar will become the PM will be determined by the voters during the next GE.

  3. I agree with mahathir: a leader needs to have a broad perspective as well as understanding of multiple dicipline as well as constantly aware of global developments in order to govern a nation.

  4. "In a democracy, one has a right to choose a leader. One also has the right to dispose of a leader..."

    The power of democracy. The power of the people

  5. matlamat utama Anwar sememangnya ingn menjadi PM. dia akan lakukan apa sahaja untuk mencapai matlamatnya.

    1. termasuklah meminta bantuan dan campurtangan dari pihak luar. ini sangat membahayakan negara.

    2. saya rasa penganjuran demonstrasi Bersih juga menggunakan pengaruh beliau untuk mendapatkan dana dari luar negara.. jika benar, bermakna negara ini berada dalam bahaya sebaik Anwar menjadi PM..

  6. itu kita tgklah samada matlamat dia akan tercapai atau tidak.

  7. Bukan saja Anwar, malah ahli2 politik lain juga ada menyimpan angan2 tersebut. Hehe

  8. bagaimanalah agaknya jika Anwar yang jadi PM..

  9. It true..The goal of Anwar is to be a PM. But until now He can't achieve it. Because we know that BN still relevant for be our Government.

  10. I totally agree that Anwar goal is only to become Prime Minister.. this leader who clearly saying that he want that post should not qualified to be our Prime Minister..