Sunday 30 September 2012


PACKED.... Press and media personals squeezed together during PC in Parliament.

THE PRESS conference corner in Parliament House is too packed for the comfort of the people there. The press conferences were always conducted in a packed up corner where words cannot be heard clearly and the place is noisy and crowded. The worst is that the reporters and camera crews have to squeeze in order to get a proper view or have to listen with pain to get what the speaker has to tell.

It is many months now since the main building and the Dewan Rakyat were put under renovation and the Parliament sitting was moved to a make shift building (used to be the badminton court). The press and media people were having a tough time in a cramp corner and have to sit on the floor to get their news report written. They are being given an additional area arranged for them to do their work during this session with proper tables and chairs starting this week.

Very unfortunately, the press conference corner has not been given due consideration by the Parliament management. The reporters still have to sit on the floor and couldn’t hear clearly and it is difficult for them to ask questions. The speakers at the press conference also find it hard to express and to speak clearly with the interference of background voices. Any way, the whole place is messy and not having a conducive environment to have a quiet PC.

The KK MP Hiew said it is important for the people to work in a very quiet and comfortable place to have a PC made. There may be chance that words have been heard wrongly and mistaken for something else, and the question may not be heard correctly at times. He said in other countries the PC usually is carried in a very orderly way and the person giving the PC always being assisted by the use of the PA system.

Hiew said that it is better for the Parliament management to arrange for a larger space to let the press and media personals to work. There are other solutions and means to create a better PC corner in the Parliament where there are sitting arrangement, space for the camera, PA system and no outside noise. This can be easily carried out without much expenditure.

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