Wednesday 26 September 2012


THE RURAL women are in a position and in need nowadays to have access to the Information Technology (IT). The rural women should not be left behind. There has been a neglect on the part of the government to introduce to them the IT, and did not encourage the implementation of internet services in the rural area.

The Sabah DAP Wanita Chief, Noriah Onong views at this IT era, it is high time that our rural folks and especially our rural women must be given the full opportunity to have the access to the IT and internet service if not free Wi-Fi.

The rural women can gain valuable knowledge and information through the IT in many aspects especially with the various developments in the country. Their information must be updated and they should know about the latest happenings in Sabah and in the country too.

Many things have happened in the country and in the world, but due to the lack of communication facilities like telephones, TV, and internet services, these rural women lost their chance to know.

Puan Onong urges the government to fulfill their promises to provide IT and internet to the rural folks. If the town areas can be given free computers, lap-tops and note-books, the rural women should be given too. Furthermore, the rural women are poorer and they need to be taking care of more.

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