Friday 30 March 2012


'OCTOMOM' Nadya Suleman has posed half-naked to pay for the house mortgage, it was revealed.

Her lawyer Jeff Czech said Nadya, who is the mother of 14, is eight months behind on her mortgate and could be evicted by this week, reported.

"We are working on it," attorney Jeff told the website. He was referring to a foreclosure notice Nadya had received for her four-bedroom La Habra home. "The foreclosure sale is not likely this month," he said, but next.

Nadya was reportedly paid US$10,000 to pose in panties for the British magazine Closer.

Octomom told Closer that she doesn't take state aid and supports her large family off paid interviews and photo shoots, because she can't hold a regular job with all of her children. Her octuplets were born in 2009, with the other six children coming from five pregnancies, starting with her first son's birth in 2001.

In the interview, Suleman also bragged about her post-baby body, her celibacy and her parenting skills, pointing out that "I've trained them so well, they can brush their own teeth, dress themselves and scrub each other’s backs - they’re so independent."

"I can’t believe how fortunate they are, too," she said. "I'd love to be an octuplet - their camaraderie and bond is amazing. They look out for each other; they're so lucky.”

In 2009 Suleman turned down a US$1-million offer from Vivid Entertainment to do a hard-core porn movie, and last September her real estate agent was trying to leverage her fame to help sell the house.

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