Thursday 29 March 2012


SLEEP....Manof is fast asleep after a short drive in the sports car.

HERE'S a three-year-old flat out in a Ferrari - the only place he can nod off.

Telecoms tycoon Sheik Jassim Al Wathiqi takes son, Manof for a spin every afternoon and evening in the £380,000 458 Spider to help the boisterous lad get some shut-eye.

Sheik Jassim, 40, said: "It works every time. Just five minutes in the Ferrari and he is completely knocked out."

The mega-rich businessman, who has a fleet of flash motors, added: "No other car sends him to sleep. I think it's the vibration from the Ferrari's exhaust that does it."

Sheik Jassim, who lives in Kuwait City, bought the 198mph Spider after car-mad Manof spotted it in a catalogue.

It was sold by the Refined Marques dealership in Cannes, France — whose boss Ahmed Al-Bakry joked: "I've heard a Ferrari called the stuff of dreams but this is ridiculous." (

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