Sunday 28 October 2012



DUE to the popularity of electronic gadgets that use Radio Frequency (RF) technology for communication, a number of individuals have expressed their concern over the mass availability of telecommunication towers around them and its effects on health.

Such concerns were expressed by Datuk Johnny Goh (Inanam) on the 2nd day of the State Assembly meeting's Q & A session.

There are currently 10 telecommunication towers in Inanam. According to Assistant Minister of the Resource Development and Information Technology Ministry, Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid, relevant guidelines which were set by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government are adhered to and it is part of the decision making process before the installation or the construction of a communication structure.

This guideline takes into account the safety of the workers and the public close to the vicinity of any telecommunication tower placed on a building. Prior to the installation or construction of a communication facility, a technical review from agencies like the Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Aviation Department and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) are sought out.

The minimum distance from a tower below and above 45 meters in height, to the nearest existing residential building is 20 and 30 meters respectively. While the minimum distance of a tower to a commercial building, below and above 45 meters in height, is 10 and 15 meters respectively.

Industrial buildings should be 5 meters away from a tower below 45 meters in height and 10 meters away from a tower that is above 45 meters in height.

Jainab said, "These measurements are guidelines that fulfill the aesthetic and physical safety requirements of the occupants."

She stressed, "The Malaysian Nuclear Agency and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has issued a statement that there is no evidence that the waves generated from the telecommunication towers are harmful to the human health." (Insight Sabah)

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