Wednesday 22 December 2010



SABAH DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau and Tenom, Dr Benjamin Yapp announces that he has planned to undertake an innovative, strategic plan under Sabah DAP State Rural Development Bureau to offer ‘Agro-Enterprise’ and socio-economic development programs, aimed primarily to help the rural communities, particularly from Keningau and Tenom Districts to participate in the Rural development programs towards eradication of poverty among the hardcore poor and poor.

Dr Benjamin, a visionary leader who is also the Chairman of Sabah DAP State Rural Development Bureau stated that Sabah DAP CAN be pro-active eventhough we do not have access to the resources as opposed to the BN Government.

What more if the party is in the Government, we can do much better and we are willing to sacrifice for the interest and benefits of the people. Sabah DAP practises Transparency, Integrity, Good Governance, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Responsibility and Result!

As true leaders, we must play an active role to take positive steps towards implementation of the various socio-economic development programs for the benefits and interest of the people.

Dr Benjamin Yapp, a Founder and Advisor cum Chairman of Rural Development Sub-Committee of Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Berhad (Reg No. S-4-0897), established since 2009, offers the rural people the opportunities to involve in the socio-economic development programs towards the improvement of their standard of living in the interior.

He welcomes those rural communities who are interested to become members to come forward and join this State Consumers Cooperative movement, which is non-political and everyone regardless of his/her affiliation in any organization can join us!

Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Berhad shall set up its branch office in Keningau next year, and the Co-operative society have identified a number of rural development projects such as ‘Agro-enterprise’, agro-based projects, eco-tourism, arts and cultural development projects, cottage industry, rural development skills training programs, and the like for 2011-2016.

Bank Rakyat Malaysia Bhd and Agro-bank are willing to finance the Co-operative society rural development projects in view of the abundant of natural resources and suitable lands for agriculture and farming projects in the interior said Dr Benjamin Yapp.

Sabah DAP interior Mobile Team shall visit the rural areas to register for new membership for Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Berhad in Keningau and Tenom.

Those who are interested to take the opportunity to participate in the State Consumers' Co-operative movement can contact our interior Mobile Service Hotline SMS: 013-8749345/019-8017728 or, email to:

Website: Secretariat: 016-8223757/013- 8394513 (Adm)

Application for new membership 2011 intake for Koperasi Pengguna Sabah Berhad commences in January 2011. The quota for first batch membership in Keningau and Tenom is 50,000 members for 2011.

Asides this rural community services, Sabah DAP interior is currently offering New Voters registration, public complaints bureau services, employment bureau services for unemployed youths, PPRT assistance services for hardcore poor, welfare services for the senior citizens and related social services all FREE OF CHARGE!

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