Monday 27 December 2010


Dear Editor,

HERE again I ask your favour to publish this letter to ask the Peminat PKR not to change the topic! To the ‘so call’ Peminat PKR Semporna, I just want to tell you that your play has been known by all ahli PKR in Cabang Semporna! May be you can fool the outsiders but, not the Semporna people!

I am commenting on PKR Cabang Semporna which till today, the Ketua has not been announced but, you claim Piramli had won in the election of Ketua on 25/9/2010!

You people add up votes for the Ketua, Timbalan And Naib had been known through out the Sabah cabang! Why do they come to know? For your information, you people add votes by pencil marking whereas during the process of voting PKR SPR officers only provided ball-pen for the marking!

You can fool the people but, you can not fool Allah swt!

I am discussing on the PKR cabang Semporna why do you make personal attack on me? I am telling the true. The truth is always a truth you cannot deny!

To inform you personal attack on me won't hurt me!

I have faith in Allah swt.

The only thing I feel sad for you is that your politic is not sincere!



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