Monday 20 December 2010


BAD…Edward showing the bad road leading to the Inanam Orchid farm.


EDWARD Ewol Mujie, the Vice Chairman of Sabah DAP today visited the road which leads from Jalan Kiansom to the Orchid farm in Inanam after receiving complains from the kampong folks concerning the bad condition of the road surface especially during weather now.

The front portion of the road has already been sealed and it is good now, but the remaining 3 KM of the road connecting to the Orchid farm is still filled with pot holes and no sealing with tar surface.

The people there have to drive in the rough road and needed much repair on their vehicles. The operator of the Orchid farm also requested for the road to be sealed, so that their customers can come more often, and the tourists can travel to visit their orchid farm in comfort.

Edward said, it is a simple job to seal a few kilometers of road and it wouldn’t cost the government a lot of money. The JKR should immediately arrange to seal the short stretch of gravel road leading to the Orchid farm, so that everyone there can have a better road to travel on.

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