Thursday 30 December 2010


GARBAGE… John inspecting the garbage centre at Lintas Plaza


LINTAS Plaza is one of the great places for the locals and the tourist to enjoying a great meal where we can find many famous food stores server delicious food. Unfortunately, the garbage centre beside the shop lot is over flooded with ton of rubbish, and the breeze of rotten garbage smell spoils it all.

DAP Sabah Karambunai branch chairman, John Lee received complaint from the public and when to inspect. As according to the public complaint, he found the garbage centre is over fill with rubbish and all over the ground. The shop owner told John that because of the unpleasant smell, they have less customers then before.

Sometime even up to the extent that some of the customers are requesting a refund for the food they had order. The business owner had no choice but to come out with his own money to keep the garbage centre clean by spending about RM 200.00 per month as to purchase detergent as to maintain the cleanliness.

With only one garbage centre in this zone, heavy volume of rubbish and waste are loaded in front this garbage centre and the dirty water spilling all over the road. This bad environment is seriously affecting the public health, sanitation and business of that area.

John urged the DBKK immediately arrange to clear the overfill rubbish at garbage centre at Lintas Plaza. Kota Kinabalu is a ‘City’ and we must have a clean environment to match with the title given. Lastly DAP Sabah Karambunai Branch Chairman, John Lee wish everyone Happy New Year 2011.

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