Monday 27 December 2010


DUMP….Pile of rubbish along the road leading to the Kudat rubbish dump site.


SABAH DAP Kudat Chief, Alex Wong today visited the dumping of the Kudat district at Jalan Sikuati Lama after receiving complaints from the residence and plantation owners who are affected by the piles of rubbish and garbage dumped along the access road leading to the dump site.

Alex was told the Kudat district garbage dump trucks and lorry dumped the rubbish and smelly garbage together with other rubbish throwers on to the road side that caused the massive piles to build up. The road condition is very bad and that could be the reason why everybody is dumping the rubbish just along the road.

The people complain about the smell and the dirty environment that is really affecting them and especially their health.

Alex Wong hopes the Kudat District Council can do something to clear the tones of garbage and remove it to a proper burial ground and cover it with earth to stop the heavy foul smell. We cannot allow this to continue and this shows the council is not doing its work well.

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