Thursday 28 July 2011


SCENIC…..The scenic view of the food stalls in the Anjung Senja.


THE KK Waterfront, Anjung Senja Explende food stalls is completed but there is still not being used. The twenty units of food stall supposed to be ready two years ago by DBKK but are still not available for the hawkers to move in.

The people intended to operate their eateries there filed their complaint to the KK MP Hiew King Cheu on the issue and told him that they are not happy with the high deposit of RM10,000 and monthly rental of RM1,200 charged by the DBKK.

They also complained that the spaces available for placing the tables are far too small and narrow. The sitting capacity is too small and the other area is not allowed to put the tables. They said how can to do business with only a few tables, and they will not be able to earn enough money to pay for the rental even.

The seafront board-walk according to them is also not allowed to place with any tables and chairs. It is solely for the pedestrian and leisure sitting.

The other thing among the complaint is the roof which will be unable to stop the rain from splashing into the inside of the stalls and the tables.

KK MP Hiew and Edward Ewol Mujie inspected the stalls after receiving the complaints from the people and found that in deed that there are some problems associated to the arrangement of the eatery stalls.

Hiew also noticed that the big 300A main electricity switch board is located right in front of these stalls and the rubbish collection bin centre is just next to it. The worst is that the bus-stop is just next to the switch and the rubbish bins. Hiew said this is not acceptable in terms of safety and cleanliness. Hiew called for the relocation of the SESB main switch board and the rubbish bin centre.

The Anjung Senja has no parking space provided for cars, and the customers and visitors have no place to park their cars. This is a bad planning and there will be a messy traffic situation when the place is finally opened. In the past, the old food stalls had created a messy parking situation here along the water front. Are we going to have the same mess happening again? DBKK is urged to consider on the problems and come up with a plan to solve the problem.

DBKK had built something that has some many associated problems, maybe it is time that they should review all these in order not to make KK City into a City that is filled with problems. We wants our city to be neat, clean and safe, especially to be orderly planned and beautiful.

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