Sunday 24 July 2011


INSPECT….. Stephen inspect the Kg. Mogonibung Road.


THE BAD road that was filled with deep potholes and cracked up road surface in the Kg. Mogonibung is finally repaired by the authority after the report made by the Sabah DAP in the news recently.

The kampongs folks informed the Sabah DAP Kapayan Chief, Stephen Jimbangan about the completed repair work on the road. They thanks the DAP for helping them to get the damaged road repair.

Stephen went personally to check on the road with Edward Ewol Mujie later to confirm that the work was done properly and may be needed further upgrading. Stephen said that the rest of the road surface is in need to be resurfaced and widen to accommodate the traffic flow.

The road side drains must be constructed in order to drain the accumulated water on the road. The stagnant water can cause the road bitumen surface to crack up and potholes will reappear soon.

Stephen further requests the authority to better do up all the necessary drains and resurface the whole stretch of this kampong road. This road had never been resurfaced or upgraded since it was constructed 10 years ago.

He also urges the authorities to make constant surveillance and inspection on all the Penampang kampong roads to ensure the roads are in good condition and reduce the possibility of road accident occurring.

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