Saturday 23 July 2011


Dear Editor,

WITH reference to the recent article ‘SOS For Injured Kindergaden Teacher’ who was knocked down by a no parking signboard pole in Damai Kota Kinabalu City. Here, we pray the victim will regain consciousness soon and according to the father since her daughter was admitted to SMC for three weeks the medical bills are over RM100,000.

We would like to thanks DAP party to highlight for the victim parent to the public to raise some fund to help them. Here, I hope DAP or PKR should help the victim family to sue the DBKK and the contractor.

How come DBKK don't have a engineer to check the safety before a signboard in planted at the location and now the unlucky teacher is lying and unconscious for three weeks. I believed DBKK engineer don't even go to the area before the contract erect the signboard pole.

How about if the one lying on the bed is your family member? Why DBKK or Politician don't even help the victim family to pay up the medical fee? Is the victim wrong? She is just the unlucky at the wrong place and wrong time. Just imagine how expensive is our hospital charging?

You just imagine the ex-minister who just want to fast to death and lot politician came to his aid and try to ask the government to reinstate his pension and yet he is being sentence to jail for the crime he committed but this kindergarten teacher who teach and educate a lots of children and no politician even voice or ask the government to help her.

I hope the opposition party will help them out and PRU13 u might conquer Sabah as the peoples know how to judge. Lastly, we pray to God and hope Ms Loi Ik Thai will regain consciousness soon and for DAP Mr Hiew and PKR should help the victim family sue the contractor and DBKK without fear it they are wrong.

Best Regards,



  1. Anyone want to make a donation to the victim, please do so...

  2. Just hold a little longer i believe others YB will appear and do what exactly a human do for the victim.

  3. Ya elia. Tak lama lagi muncul lah tu :)

  4. Harap hal ini mendapat perhatian sewajarnya.

  5. Malang tidak berbau, ini yang terjadi kepada mangsa apabila cedera disebabkan signboard no parking ini. Harap bantu diberikan bagi meringankan beban keluarga untuk menggung kos perubatan.

  6. harap nasib mangsa dpt dibela.

  7. bil perubatan sangatlah mahal. harap pihak DBKK pun bertanggungjawab atas kejadian yang menimpa guru tadika ini.

  8. harap bantuan yang sewajarnya akan dapat diberikan.

  9. kalau yang 24 jam fikir pasal politik tu, apa sahaja kenyataannya pasti ada sangkut paut dengan politik... kenapa tidak salahkan pemandu yang melanggar signboard itu?? bukankah pemandu itu juga cuai?? kenderaan lain yang guna jalan itu tidak pula langgar signboard..