Saturday 30 July 2011


CHECKING….. Hiew and Edward Ewol Mujie checking on the shed construction work.


THE SHED under construction behind the Taman Foh Sang shops is under fired by the general public on how the contractor executed his work. The work was started without the notice and the supervision by DBKK. It is learnt that this shed construction is under a federal agency, and the construction drawing is not yet an approval drawing, and it is merely a simple proposed sketch.

It is learnt that contractor has started the work even before obtaining any approval on the structural drawing, and they had constructed the foundation work and started erecting the structural steel frame work.

Many people who saw the method on the construction of the footing for the 14 feet high, 12 feet wide canopied roof, they are doubtful that a small footing of 1 foot by one foot with only 2 feet deep concrete stump can hold up to the dead weight of the cantilevered roof. The people said they are the laymen and not engineers can easily tell that it is impossible and it will collapse and injuring many people.

KK MP Hiew was approached by many people here expressing their concern and worries over the construction of the shed. They wanted the MP to check and verify the design before the structure is being put up. They also said that it is the MP’s responsibility to ensure no mishap will occur because his office sits right in front. Hiew promised that he will see that the shed will be constructed properly and with the highest degree of safety factors.

SIMPLE…The drawing is not yet an approval drawing and it is merely a simple proposed sketch.

STUMP…. the concrete stump at the foot of the steel column.

He as a person with many years of engineering experience agreed that the foundation is not adequate and strong enough to hold the cantilevered weight of the roof and it is structurally unstable. If under strong wind condition, it will topple. It is just sticking a pole of 14 feet long with a penetration of only 2 feet in the ground. Can this hold the weight of a man without collapsing?

MP Hiew urges the authority to rectify and ensure that the construction work is up to the requirement of standard engineering design and safety level. This is a crowded area, and we can not afford to have a collapse happening. Many people will be injured, and we don’t want that to happen. Is this another BN ‘Taufo’ project!

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