Wednesday 27 July 2011


PITTY….Hiew photo with the two unlucky OKU and their mother with Hasnan and Chew.


THE KK MP Hiew King Cheu visited the two poor brothers in Kg. Ketiau, Putatan. The two brothers are a case of sad story and deep suffering coupled with hard core poverty. It is the worst case that the KK MP had encountered.

Hiew was accompanied by the PKR Putatan Secretary Mohd Hasnan and Christopher Chong during the visit to meet up with these two unfortunate brothers.

The older brother Samri Bin Suddik, 26, is crippled by a road accident two years ago and now paralyzed in the lower part of the body. He cannot walk or move his leg and has to lay down on the bed whole day long.

The younger brother Suraidi Bin Suddik, 23, is mentally retarded, unable to speak and have to lay down on the bed whole day long too. The mother being a single mother with an income of only RM400 per month, and has to feed the two sons and herself, finds it very difficult to survive and make ends meet. Just imaging beside the food, there is also the medical bills to take care of.

Very fortunately, that they were provided by some kind hearted people with a small back yard shed converted into a tiny room for them to stay in, or elsewhere can they stay. The small shed can only squeeze in two beds, and the younger brother has to sleep on the floor at night. The worst has yet to come because the owner of the shed is selling his land soon, therefore they will have further problem to find a place to stay.

The KK MP Hiew said he cannot believe that in Sabah there is still such a sad case existed, and it is right in Putatan. If he was not brought there he would not have known about the case.

Hiew pledged to the authorities and especially the Welfare department to immediately come forward to assist the two poor brothers, and to provide them with the necessary assistance. Hiew asked the two brothers whether they have applied for the government PPRT house, and they said they will not be able to afford it too.

Hiew said the Welfare department can come to assist them, and can contact them through this telephone number 012-8683551 (Samri) or 0165841941 (Christopher Chong). They are really in need of the help from the authorities.

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