Friday 29 October 2010


Dear Editor,

In reply to Dr Edwin Bosi under article, SAPP AND PBS HAVE HIDDEN AGENDA’, It is no surprise that you Dr Edwin, being an animal doctor, has chose categorily to implicate SAPP having a hidden Agenda and he is from DAP from the opposition Pakatan Team.

I wish to ask what is the hidden agenda of SAPP and very interested if you can also tell me what is PBS hidden agenda so the people will know.

I am more concerned about your allegation of 'hidden agenda' of SAPP. Just tell us what is that you are talking or just plain ‘bullshit’.

Do you also think that it is more relevant that Pakatan should withdraw from the contest instead of SAPP since it is the local-based party. Pakatan is considered an outsider party, you should knock on our door and ask "can I come in?" This is the kind of respect to be given to the Sabah people, don't you think so, as you are also a Sabahan, if I am not wrong.

If you really a concerned citizen, your comments will be different from what you have wrote. If it's not for personal opportunity, I don't see any other plausible reason.



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