Saturday 30 October 2010


Dear Editor,

TO our Animal Doctor, Dr Edwin Bosi. Hello again, no doubt anyone will be pissed off because of Dr Hiew's cowardly and ungentlemanly method of whispering, smearing campaign that holds no truth, and I can vouch there is no truth at all, whatsoever.

Your Dr Hiew has indeed made himself a great spoiler in this case, trying to spoil SAPP's chances of winning the Batu Sapi by-election by helping his BN friend, sources said he has made some agreement with BN sponsors, whether it is true or, let us see later.

Tell us who defaced Yong's campaign posters with red paint sprayed ‘BN’?

SAPP seemed to attract many political old-timers is proof that they, as experienced politicians, can see and believe in the struggle of the party and they are witnesses on why Sabah failed because of federal's increasing hold and control over Sabah politically through divide and rule, economically, unfair policies, migration, deprivation jobs and opportunities for locals and many others.

Recent developments showed that Dap Sabah are attacking only SAPP but not BN clearly shows their hidden agenda, not to topple BN but SAPP.

Best Regards,


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