Saturday 30 October 2010


Dear Editor,

FIRST and foremost, I would like to ask Dr. Hiew why his accusations only target on SAPP but NONE of his accusation against BN? It seems like SAPP seriously posing a REAL THREAT to DAP Sabah just after SAPP pulled out from BN. Is DAP Sabah starting to feel in-secure and no confidence in retaining the TRUST of the people especially the Chinese after they contribute nothing to Sabah for the past 2+ years?

We all knew that Dr. Hiew when presenting his speech at the parliament as fast as instant noodle process as claimed by PBS’s Chin Teck Min. What did he bring to the development for Sabah beside checking on ‘longkang’ in order to gain cheap publicity for the past 2+ years as KK MP?

What can PR does to help Sabah as they can’t even settle their internal fighting problems among themselves which totally reflected their thug culture imported from party Malaya? What make sure that PR Sabah will not be like the three ‘FROG’, 1 from DAP and 2 from PKR to jump into BN after they won under DAP and PKR logo as shown in the past GE-12 to cause the downfall of Perak government?

As an ordinary citizen of Sabah, I only hear DAP Sabah complaining this and that but didn’t have any solution at all to solve the problems. It has proven that DAP Sabah is not capable and in-competence to be the Sabah government and only qualify to be an opposition forever and ever.

In addition, Dr. Hiew accusing SAPP cannot get attention from their KL (BN) boss to solve most of the Sabah problems and what to make sure that his KL (PR) boss will listen to his instructions to solve the Sabah problems?

Dr. Hiew, at least SAPP walk the talk to disassociate with BN to fight for Sabah autonomy and want KL to honor the 20 points agreement which one of them is to treat Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya as an Equal Partner.

Sabah to become the poorest state in Malaysia today was after it ruled by party from Malaya (BN) and this had never happened before when Sabah was ruled and governed by local party like Usno, Berjaya and even PBS.

Dr Hiew, what autonomy you are shouting about for Sabah even though by choosing a candidate for Batu Sapi also needs an endorsement from your KL boss? It proven again DAP Sabah only consists with merely a group of followers and not leaders.

Sabah itself in actual fact can self-survive if the state government to manage and govern our abundant of natural resources with the right people plus the 20% oil revenue given to Sabah.

Dr. Hiew dare to praise Lim Guan Eng in Penang did so many good things and what not but I want to ask Dr. Hiew, how many Lim Guen Eng in Malaysia? Is he the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Or Dr. Hiew think he is as good as Lim Guan Eng?

Last but not least, I want to ask Dr. Hiew why he supported the proposed building of the coal-fired power plant in the beginning and even requested for a bigger one to be built?

Why Dr. Hiew also strongly supported the proposed Hospital Khidmat project of converting the abandoned, unsafe Wisma Khidmat into a private hospital. Everyone knows that this project is a pet project of the CM?

Yours truly,


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