Monday 25 October 2010



WHEN the enemy walked in, the warrior gazed at the enemy and immediately took his position, stood still and kept calm waiting for the right moment to strike. Like a hungry lion hiding in the African bushes and waiting to pounce on its prey. Suddenly that opportunity presented itself to the warrior.

Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh (BN-Putatan) sized the moment to criticise Seputeh MP Teresa Kok that her outfit she wore to Parliament was revealing (menjolok mata) and improper. Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh is now known throughout Malaysia as the great defender of Standing Orders 41(f). The warrior from Putatan has awakened. Sabahans are proud of you. Syabas!

On behalf of the Sabahans I have a request to make to the great warrior from Putatan ; while standing and taking orders to look out for women skirts and blouses in Parliament, following are some issues you also need to look out for:


*public safety

*social ill's


*rural development





*quality management systems

*FDI into Sabah





*international trade,etc

You were very apt to say,"one must be serious in Parliament and not main-main."

Some poet sang: Living with the saints above,

All is peace and glory,

Living with the saints below,

That's another story.

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