Wednesday 27 October 2010


SABAH DAP KK Youth Chief Junz Wong likens Datuk Yong as either forgetful or one who never meant what he says or promises. There is a phrase, "It Is Not What You Say Defines You, Its What You Do Defines You". Wong urges Sabahan to really think seriously and decide if this is the person they want as the next leader to lead Sabah?

Sabahan must not forget the glorious days of PBS. During that period (1985-1994) Datuk Yong was one of the most influential and powerful leaders. When PBS was out of BN, the party was practically paralyzed.

They cannot do anything without the blessing or approval of the BN federal government. Its downfall in 1994 showed the fragility of a state-based party. Sadly Datuk Yong has a big role in PBS downfall in 1994.

Sabahans must not take Datuk Yong and SAPP's rhetoric of state-based party and autonomy seriously. He was in PBS and has experience and seen for himself the failure of a state-based party. It will be foolish to ‘buy’ Datuk Yong and SAPP ‘medicine’ which has been proven ineffective.

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