Saturday, 2 March 2013


SABAH DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said all Malaysian must come out to vote and should check early on their voting station. This is an important election to decide on the future of all Malaysians, and most worrying is that we shall face with thousands of additional 'unknown voters' (hantu or phantom voters).

Every vote is important, and we have to put our votes together and not to split our votes.   Some other small political parties in Sabah are keen to join the contest and will create a split of vote to make the BN win. It is wise to concentrate the votes on Pakatan Rakyat which is the only group strong enough to topple the BN.

Edward reminds all voters that they must allowed their respective fingers to be marked with indelible ink during the forthcoming 13th General Election as this has been made compulsory through the Parliament Select Committee on Electoral Reform.

He said those who refused that their respective fingers to be marked would not be given the ballot paper as well as would be asked to leave the polling centre and you cannot cast your votes.  As this regulation has been enforced by the SPR, the voters must adhere to it if they wish to exercise their right to vote, he said.

Edward said the voters should not fall prey to unscrupulous individual who wants to mark their fingers with other type of ink before going to the polling centre as the offices in-charge at the polling centre would not allow you to get your ballot paper and cast your vote even you plead or appeal to them. You would not be allowed to vote as long as you had ink on yours fingers.  Only Election Committee Offices are allowed to mark your fingers with the indelible ink on the polling day, he said.

On another matter, Edward said voters should not listen to all sort of dirty tactics or threats from any party that your identity can be traced through the ballot paper and who you had actually voted.

He said this is not possible and he reminded all voters to check their ballot paper given to them during polling day in front of the SPR clerk who issues the ballot paper before proceeding to cast their votes, and if there is anything written on the ballot paper, you can ask for replacement.

Edward call upon all the eligible voters to adhere to the new regulations so that the process of voting in the forthcoming 13th General Election can be carried out smoothly without any untoward incidents.

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