Thursday 28 March 2013


HELP......Hiew photo with Adolpine and daughter.

RECENTLY an Indonesian woman, Puan Adolpine Rerrung, age 42 has approached the KK MP office for assistance to locate her ex-husband, Gooi Tung Chew, who had left her and the two girls some twenty five years ago.

She told the KK MP Hiew King Cheu that her eldest daughter Gooi Soo Hwa (26) who was born on the 28.5.1988 could not apply for her Malaysian identity card, but was given a temporary resident identity.

She and her sister Gooi Soo Mei (25) were both born in Sabah and living in Sabah all this while, she couldn’t understand why her children cannot be given a permanent resident status or better still a Malaysian MyCard.

She also said why so many others have received MyCard and why her children can’t even have a card to stay here. She went to NRD office many times, and she was told that they can help only the father comes to the office with his identity card.

She heard her ex-husband Gooi  is in Sandakan now and she hopes with the help from the KK MP office, he can take notice to at least call her and come forward to make the necessary documentation and sign the NRD forms in order that his two girls can have proper papers to continue to live in Sabah. Their telephone numbers are, Adolpine 014-2049811, Soo Hwa 014-2031882.

KK MP Hiew when receiving them, told them this cases where Malaysian men having a foreigner as wives had encountered many problems regarding matters like identity cards, marriage certificates, improper marriage procedure, religious marriage, birth certificates and the worst case is always the identity of the children in respect to MyCard, MyKas, and MyKids.

In some cases, the father is a Malaysian, but the children cannot be issued a Malaysian identity due the mother is a foreigner. Many people are also ignorant and do not understand about the procedure on the documentation and registration of identity. Therefore, it is better to ask or check clearly before the matter can be resolved.

KK MP Hiew said his office is receiving more and more problem cases nowadays and most cases can be solved while some cases are in dead lock. This particular case is simple and we need the father to come forward to make the declaration and certification on the identities. The daughters are 26 and 25 now, and it is a pity that they still can not have a proper identity card.

Hiew urges those who want to get marry to a foreigner be very careful about their marriage papers and especially the children’s birth certificates which will affect future identity card and citizenship application. (DAP Media)

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