Friday 29 March 2013


RUBBISH....Edward looking at the drain full of rubbish.   

THE DRAINS in Inanam Pasar Malam are full of rubbish and garbage that needs to be clear immediately by DBKK. This was a complaint received by the Sabah DAP Vice chairman cum Local Government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie recently.

Upon inspection to the area, he found that the situation is really bad and the environment is very dirty. There is rubbish scattered all over the place, in the padang and inside the drains.

The ground of the night market is filthy filled with smelly water and the walkways are bad. The hawkers used broken timber planks to cover the drains and potholes. During the night, there are thousand of people come here to buy their needs and food, and it is very inconvenience for them. It is not only dirty and also smelly too.

Edward urges the DBKK should immediately send in some workers to do a thorough cleaning of the area, and provide more rubbish bins here.

Edward also said that he will organize with the people here to have a “gotong royong” to help pick up the rubbish in the open space next to the night market. He also wishes the people can cooperate not to simply throw their rubbish anyway they like. This is your town, therefore better to let this town to be a clean town.

Edward also wants the DBKK to come to reinstall the street lights here around the Inanam new township and especially around the night market and the open field area. It has been a long time that DBKK has not sent their crews to maintain the street lights here.

It has become dark in the area, and crime may happen any time. It is for the safety of the people here that DBKK should make it a point to come to replace all the missing or out of order street lights.

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