Friday, 1 March 2013



THE SUGGESTION by Harris Saleh for the Malaysian Government to pay RM200 million to the Sulu Sultanate is not only absurd but totally ridiculous. How could one ever think of paying such a huge amount of money to a foreign entity while our people, Sabahan for that matter, have been label as being the poorest in Malaysia by the world bank?

The only reasonable action the government should take isnone that would decisively end this stand-off and restore the confidence of the people in the capability of our federal government to defend our sovereignity as an independent State within the Federation of Malaysia as enshrined in our constitution and which was partbofbthe guarantees and assurance given to Sabah under the Malaysia Agreement 1963. 

Harris may have a point in his mind if this is referred to the so-called 'cession money' being paid by the government, but you don't just come out with a statement like that without any consideration taken with regards to the people of Sabah.

The federal government react swiftly in blocking the entry of an Australian Senator, an honourable member of the Australian Senate, who attempted to enter Malaysia for what the federal government term as security threat. However, the government remain indifferent towards more than 100 armed intruders who have defiantly entered our land and posed a real threat to the security of the Country.

Every Malaysian, especially Sabahan including Harris Salleh should show their real concern towards the indepedence and sovereignity of our country and every effort should be taken to defend our freedom from any foreign intrusion.

The disunity and infighting among the people of the southern Phillipines have been going on for decades which has displaced thousand of their citizens to the extend that their plight have reached the shores of Sabah and affected our people.

Historically, the claim over Sabah by the Sultan of Sulu must be looked at and examined from two perspective. Firstly, on the 24th April 1962, the Sulu Sultanate surrendered their soverignity over all the Sulu archipelagos to the Phillipines Government meaning they no longer have any right to any of the territory. This instrument was teherafter followed by the Phillipines Government as the basis of their claims to Sabah which is being resolved on a diplomatic level.

Secondly, in the same year the people of Sabah in a referendum carried out have decided to go for independent through the formation of Malaysia and this decision was accepted and approved by the United Nations.

The stability, security and the severeignity of Sabah as an indepndent State within Malaysia must be respected by all sides including the Sultan of Sulu and the well-being of the people Sabah must be uphold and defended at all cost.

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