Sunday, 3 March 2013



AS A SEASONED politician being a former head of an opposition (now-defunct) PASOK, i would like to encourage leaders of STAR, SAPP and PR to re-look at their chances at the GE13 before they go their own way fighting each other.

There can never be victory for them if they stick with their stubborn stands. The issue of seats distribution among them in Sabah is crucial to be resolved if they really wanted to pave for a change in the state.

Leaders of these opposition parties must be responsible enough to help realise the aspiration of the people to have "change" in the government, be it at the national or state level.

If they failed beyond their own greed, then they must be prepared to accept their slogan of 'INI KALILAH' be turned 'LAIN kALILAH' or 'next time lah', thanks to their own grave mistake.

Opposition political leaders should put aside self-interest, greed or hidden agenda in order to achieve a formula of one-to-one fight with the mighty BN in the coming GE.

The lesson from the failed unity among the opposition in the last Batu Sapi parliamentary by-election should ring loud in many of the opposition leaders.

It is still not too late for the opposition political parties to try and reach a compromise among themselves. I humbly suggest to these leaders to consider letting strong national opposition parties to stand in parliamentary seats only, and for only state parties to vie for all the State Assembly seats.

(Editor: I have been appointed as an Advisor to a national local political party which I have yet to confirm acceptance of the offer.)

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