Tuesday, 23 November 2010


THE main road 73km from Kudat to Kota Belud near Prasekolah Sekolah Kebangsaan Mangaris had suffered major damage due to the cracking of the retaining wall with the possibility of collapsing need an urgent repair.

If there is any further erosion of the road it might result a complete cut off of the major road access to Kudat, which would seriously endanger road user safety and supply chain to Kudat Region.

If BN federal and state government cannot give Sabahan a proper road transport system or streetlight to access all major towns after so many years, what are the chances of Sabah to achieve high income economy via industrialization?

It would be appropriate to at least provide Sabahan a road can go home safely, because in the current rainy season, night time driving is having a very poor visibility of 10-15 meter only, road user could easily missed the 2 warning light [only 1 light on each direction] and it might even cause a costly by-election if there is any MP or ADUN plunge into the ravine.

A good state government should be producing a high standard of living and the capacity to achieve high level of productivity for its peoples and the business environment. Thus enhance a rapid growth in the agricultural, tourism and marine aquaculture which are crucial and important to the Kudat economy.

With the basic factors like natural resources, climate and location which we inherited is not enough, we also require the government to provide basic infrastructure development, such as constant and reliable supply of power, water, and good transport system, such as well maintained roads to encourage more investment to our state.

Sabahan had enough of BN empty promise and announcement. Now is high time to change to a better and more efficiency governing. Sabahan now have the chance to make the change in this coming 13th general election. Vote for Pakatan Raykat for a better future.

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