Tuesday 30 November 2010



MANY complaints have been received by the KK Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu regarding the newly located KKIA Golden Lounge. The Golden Lounge for the 1st class and Business class travelers has been moved from the previous location at the middle of the KKIA airport terminal to the very end of the newly completed airport terminal.

The passengers complained to the KK MP that the walk to reach the Golden lounge is too far and it takes them almost 10 to 15 minutes, back and fore could take half an hour. There left them having not much time to have a tea and food before the take off. It will be worst if one carried some heavy hand luggage and rushing to the boarding gates that is far away.

There is no installation of the ‘walking travellators’ to the whole length of the terminal building and along the terminal departure hall to reach all the boarding gates like the KLIA.

Dr. Hiew said he will bring up the matters with the Assistant Minister of Transport Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, to seek his help to do something to move the Golden Lounge to its original location at the middle of the terminal building. The travellator in the boarding hall should be fixed along the length of the building to connect all the boarding gates to ease the long walk especially for the elders.

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