Saturday, 23 March 2013


HANDING.....Hiew handing over the money to Anges Khaw, with Andrew, Edward, and Robert.  

THE KK MP Office handed over a sum of RM3,000 to the Sabah Aids Support Service Association (KASIH) in their shelter home in Kapayan, and to receive the money was Madam Agnes Khaw, the Vice president of the association.

The money was raised by the DAP members together with the staffs of the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office, during the night market just before the eve of the Chinese New Year. The goods on sale were all donated by kind hearted people who like to help and support the Aids victims which are unfortunate people of various ages. Some very young children are also victims to the deadly virus.

MP Hiew thanked those who had donated to the sale in cash and kinds, and he said although it is not a big sum collected but it is the gesture that counts. Our society needs more people who have a kind heart to care for others especially for those in need.

He said the KASIH home is self supporting and they really need public donation and support. Agnes expressed her great appreciation to DAP and KK MP Office for raising the money for them. She said this money can help them very much. She said if any one who wish to make kind donation to their home, they can contact KASIH at 088-712914 or call Agnes at 016-8441248.

MP Hiew also hopes that the Ministry of Health should look into making more facilities to help those Aids victims by providing them with the lodgings, transportation and medical care while they have to travel far from their kampong to Kota Kinabalu hospitals for treatment. This people can not afford all this expenses and they have to seek help from KASIH. The KASIH centre is a temporary home for them while they are in KK.

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