Thursday, 21 March 2013


THE LATEST electoral released by the Election Commission (SPR) which is for the public review and for objection before it can be gazette for final use showed a massive increase in the voters in the Api Api N15 state constituency, and this state constituency is under the Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary Constituency P172.

The Sabah DAP Kota Kinabalu branch had made a check on the electoral listing and found that there is a sudden increase in some of the polling centers, but not in all the polling centers.

The increase of voters in the other polling centers is normal and nothing unexceptional. From the strength increase in the voters, it is quite sure that there definitely some one is making a special arrangement to move to increase the voters to ensure a win.

This also confirmed the past speculation that there is a particular political party trying to pay for voters to change their polling place to Api Api by changing the MyCard home address to Api Api area. SPR also confirmed that it is illegal to perform such act and they will not endorse or approve the same.

The Kota Kinabalu MP Hiew King Cheu was shocked to see that the newly published electoral has such a big increase in the voter number in API API which is part of his Parliament constituency. He pointed out that the latest voter numbers when compared with the first quarter of 2011 and the latest one which is the last quarter of 2012 has an increase of 4,369 voters.

The N15 polling centers with big voters increase are Kg Air, Jalan Perpaduan, Jalan Masjid Lama, Taman Elok, Jalan Muhibah, Jalan Bandaran, and the postal votes has increase from 332 to 844.

The total increase voter increment since 1st quarter 2011 to fourth quarter 2012 for API API is 10,746 to 15,115 and it is an increase of 40%. This is totally unacceptable and we really don’t understand how this can happen. May be SPR can tell us.

DAP will submit the analysis of the electoral to SPR and file the objection. The dubious names appeared in the electoral will be picked up for submission. A rough check showed that many of these people do not stay or live in the constituency.

Hiew said why suddenly so many people who were used to staying and voting in the other areas like Telipok, Inanam, Sepangar have suddenly moved in to stay in API API. There must be something not right, and especially there are some 4,369 new voters. That means 4,369 people had moved in to stay in Api Api. 

Hiew hopes these new voters who had been moved into Api Api or rather being asked to move there should come forward to testify whether it had been purposely arranged or not. The SPR should reject or throw the names out if they care to run through the names. This may affect the election result and we hope SPR can do the screening if they want to conduct a fair and straight election in Malaysia. WE WANT BERSIH!

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