Tuesday, 5 March 2013


RECENTLY in Kota Kinabalu, there are poison flyers been distributed all over the city.  The content is aiming to damage the image of DAP, and saying that DAP is pretending to be poor but in fact its Party Life Advisor Dr. Chen Man Hin is the chairman of an 80 thousand acres of oil palm plantation in Lahad Datu which worth RM 3.5 billion. 

The Sabah DAP State Advisor KK MP Kota Kinabalu Hiew King Cheu said that the poison flyer is believed to be the work of someone who has the ill intention to use the issue to discredit DAP.   He said this is the work of a coward who don’t even dare to surface and put his name on the flyers.  Many people who read the flyer condemned the person or the Party responsible in distributing the flyers. This flyer will not damage DAP at all, but will instead boost the integrity of the DAP and its members.

The following is the direct respond from Dr. Chen Man Hin with full detail :-

The Facts About Pontian United Plantations Bhd

It is a registered private public com owned by businessmen only.  No political party involved.  There are about 200 shareholders, comprising of workers, and small businessmen.

Dr Chen Man Hin is chairman since its inception in 1975.   It started as a small estate in Kukup Johore. He owns only 20000 shares out of a total of 8 million shares.  He has no big luxury car to drive.  He prefers to go around in a small, old Toyota car about 40 years old.

Over the years, the company acquired other small estates in Johore and Sabah.  Today the company owns about 40000 acres.  All the estates were purchased from private owners.  Not a single acre was given by or bought from the state governments of Sabah and Johore.

Dr Chen has been an Opposition leader since 1965, with no connection with the ruling governments.  He is not privy to government tenders or land concessions.  He did not receive one single inch of land from the Sabah government.

He and two hundred other shareholders of common people have worked hard for forty years, and we are lucky to survive and prosper.

Pontian United is proud to own a plantation company and we are most happy to contribute to the economy of Sabah and Malaysia.

For narrow minded people who do not understand development, they should look to China which is now the second largest economy in the world because Premier  Deng Xiao Peng  was far sighted enough to convert China from communism to be a free market capitalist economy. They were poor but now there are many rich common people in China.

The poster will backfire on BN and its cronies.   The people now admire China where millionaires are born every day, because of the open policy of Premier Deng.  The DAP offers the same policy to the people Sabah to make everyone a millionaire

The DAP is a socialist party but we believe in free market enterprise, and we want Malaysia to be rich and the people to be prosperous and united. We aim to follow the example of China and give the opportunity to the people of Sabah and Malaysia to be rich and prosperous.

I welcome the posters distributed in Sabah pointing that Dr Chen is chairman of a big estate plantation. There is nothing wrong to be chairman of a big organisation. The DAP encourages young enterprising Sabahans and Malaysians to be enterprising and start big companies to bring prosperity to the state, provide jobs and give employment to the workers.

Unlike BN and its cronies in Sabah who are corrupt and use bribery to become rich, we in the DAP believe that we can bring prosperity and riches to the people through education, honesty and hard work.

Sabah is a state with plenty of natural resources, but the people and poor have low income because the leaders of BN have misused the funds belonging to the State.

I urge the people to elect PR and DAP in the coming GE13.  We can turn Sabah to be a rich state, and bring prosperity to the people.  Like China, we can make the ordinary people rich. (DAP Media)

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