Saturday, 16 March 2013


Dear Editor,

I THINK all this while Sabah’s security has been taken for granted; this is reading from statement made by the ex-Lahad Datu OCPD (Ex-Lahad Datu OCPD: If only KL had listened Daily Express 15/03/2013) what a revelation! (Kamis Daming)

We cannot blame the police by the sound of it; they have to make do whatever is available. The most important question remained unansweredis why? 

We know the porosity of the area; we know latent conflict about claiming Sabah day and night. Whilst down south was only recently an outburst by Indonesian which even more daring with regard to Ambalat Block. Don’t tell me our security intelligence isn’t aware about this?

It’s the government, the leaders’ attitude that contributed to the slack; our political leaders’ mind has been too preoccupied of loosing political power. They are more concerned about demonstrationson the streets such as by Bersih.

I also believe our security intelligent knows demonstration on the streets is lees harmful compare with the resentmundu-Suluk invasion.

The issue is where the priorities are, non other than security and safety of the people and the country first.

How do we aspect when even the police force is living in a dilapidated barracks.

The exodus of Suluk to Sabah started by BERJAYA government, but reinforced and more organised during Mahathir’s era. It’s therefore I’m not surprised over Tan Sri Harris Salleh outbursts’ blaming police forces destroying document. We’re getting familiar with Harris in particular when timing for country’s General Election is just at the corner; he did it all the times since lost power.

I would suggest let investigate this allegation who knows they did it because top leaders instructed them.

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