Tuesday 28 February 2012


A SHOCKING scene happened in a Kota Kinabalu coffee shop when the Sabah DAP Kota Kinabalu women wing leaders having their morning breakfast.

A dead cockroach was seen encased in the ice cube when one of lady finishing her 'milo-ping'. On sighting the dead cockroach in her drink she almost vomited and shouted loudly. This totally spoiled her morning breakfast. This is a bit too much for her and she felt discomfort thinking that her drink with a dead cockroach.

They said this is bad and had happen in a place where it is frequent by tourists and our own local people. What happen if the frozen cockroach gets into the mouth of our treasured tourist? The consequence is immense and will definitely spoil our image.

The Sabah DAP KK women leaders do not wish this incident happen again and they said why the frozen ice cube can contain a dead cockroach? The MOH (Ministry of Health) must check regularly on all food outlets and should cover all food preparation and production factory, of course including the ice cubes making factory. They said we the consumers do not want 'extras' to be added to our food.

They have heard about many food contaminations in Sabah, and therefore it is the job of the MOH to ensure that our food are clean and not being contaminated like this case. The DAP ladies said they will conduct their own checking and inspection to ensure that everyone do their part to keep our food clean and safe. It is of vital importance because the dirty food can make us sick and even kill us too.


  1. perlu ambil tindakan trhadap pengusaha tersebut kerana tidak peka terhadap kebersihan.

  2. Or perhaps some one expressing their 'love' to DAP in a very distasteful fashion

  3. pengusaha kedai makan/restoran perlu memastikan tahap kebersihan dalam penyediaan makanan dan persekitaran premis adalah memuaskan.

  4. cara paling berkesan bagi memberikan pengajaran kepada pengusaha kedai makan atau minuman ialah dengan mendedahkan identiti kedai tersebut dan biarkan orang ramai memboikot kedai itu..

  5. Teruknya. Dikasi kompaun tu. tidak mengamalkan kebersihan.

  6. Perlu disaman pembekal ais jika begitu. Mereka seharusnya memastikan kebersihan dalam produk mereka.