Wednesday 29 February 2012


Dear Editor,

I WAS approached by a friend for some contribution to a program undertaken by a group of dancers from Sabah College who will be participating at a Dance World Cup in Austria from 25th to 30th June this year.

I noted from the brochure entitled ‘Road To Austria’ that the dance group had excelled in their achievements and I am simply wondering why feats of this nature had not been rocognized by our government.

The achievements of the group, made up of lower secondary students in Sabah College, should be acclaimed by the government, through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism as well as these young people have brought up the good name of our Country at the international level.

Today, so much emphasis is placed on the achievements of our Soccer team, Badminton, Bowling or Tennis and other cultural activities but the very achievements of our Sabah College 'Tagaps Dance Theatre' had not been recognized.

Maybe the group might not have voiced their achievements publicly but such feats are rare and the authorities concerned should therefore endeavor to look into their background and accord the necessary recognition so that our young dancers will be spurred to greater heights.

I was told that the group had been self financed, depending mostly on contributions from parents of their members and other generous members of the public and I am wondering if the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports at both the state and federal levels could assist further in financing them so that our young people could be encouraged further to excel in their talent.

It is also hoped that consideration for rewards to them could be made in view of their splendid achievements.

Best Regards,


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