Tuesday, 14 May 2013


THE APPOINTMEnt of the various local community leaders by the Chief Minister Department or the Ministry of Local Government and Housing should be fair and appropriate to the state constituencies which are held by the opposition elected members of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly.

The newly elected State Assemblyman for Luyang Hiew King Cheu called upon the BN state government to allow the state opposition constituencies to have their own choice and selection of their local community leaders such as the Community Development leaders (PKR), Village Chief (Ketua Kampong), Chinese community Chief (Kapitan Cina), Villages security committee (JKKK) and so on. If not, there should be Local Government Election to be held to election people for the various posts.

This is important because the people in the particular constituency have made their decision and voted in the election for the party/person of their choice to represent them. It is now the duty of the elected member to perform fully for the people, irrespective whether he is with the government or outside the government.

The Sabah Local Government Ordinance has no such clause on this particular issue of appointing community leaders under the local authorities to be solely by the ruling BN government.

The elected opposition Assemblymen should have their jurisdiction and prerogative to appoint the right persons into the key posts in his constituency, and this will enable him to serve better and more efficiently in his constituency.

This is more effective to bring about a better management in the area, and it will be not right for BN sending someone to control the area held by the oppositions. This will be seen as a gross discrimination and purposely done to punish the people which also caused the elected member couldn’t perform fully.

If the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman and his new state cabinet do not see this as important, that means he is depriving the rights of the people to have a better wellbeing and betterment in the areas. The BN should consider Hiew’s suggestion, and it is time to serve and work hard to their best for the people. The people want to see improvement, prosperities and stabilities in the state.

The development fund (ADUN Fund) for the elected state opposition assemblyman should not be controlled only by the BN members. This is the people’s money, and every constituency should deserve and benefit the same from it.

The opposition members should also be given the same right for their constituencies too, and at least they should have the right to arrange the fund for appropriate usage for their people. Datuk Musa should consider this for the people, or otherwise he will be seen as punishing the people in the areas won by the oppositions.

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