Wednesday 29 May 2013


DAP Sabah State Assistant Secretary urged Ministry of Local Government to take immediate initiatives to relocate 100 families who are left behind at Kg Lembaga Padi.

Junz Wong, during the dialogue session with the 100 families, said that they have been living in poor terrible conditions on temporary structures along the river bank without electricity & water supplies after a fire mishap for 3 years now.

The residents have been surviving on the mercy of rains or they would have to buy expensive water for daily usages. Some even stole water. The living conditions are worsened by dirty unhygienic stagnant rivers with breeding mosquitoes attacks everyday.

"This is an issue of humanity. After all, the government authorities have already re-located more than 1000 families from Kg Lembaga Padi to new designated homes. Why leave these 100 families behind?" Junz asked.

ADUN N14 Likas YB Junz Wong said that there was one family representative revealed that Dato Jainab has promised to relocate them but hasn't heard from her since 2 years ago.

"I hope she can fulfill her promises to assist and help relocate these poor families to a designated homes as soon as possible," Junz concluded.

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