Friday, 17 May 2013


FORMER Appeals Court Judge Mohd Noor Abdullah, criticised as KKK and Hitler for his statement on vernacular schools, now claims that he was merely following 'the Constitution'.

He conveniently left out the fact that constitutional conventions are as important, and even more important, than the Constitution itself.

Constitutional conventions refer to the working of the Constitution. For example, the Constitution makes no reference to a Deputy Prime Minister, yet by convention we have a Deputy Prime Minister.

The uncodified British Constitution makes no reference to a Prime Minister. Yet the UK has a Prime Minister.

Again, if we must harp on the Constitution, where's the Constitution of Malaysia?

At present, the codified (written in one place as one document) Constitution of Malaya is being passed off as the codified Constitution of Malaysia.

The Federation of Malaya is masquerading as the Federation of Malaysia.

Malaysia, in fact, has a uncodified Constitution based on the codified Constitution of Malaya, and other constitutional documents like the Malaysia Agreement, 20/18 Points, Batu Sumpah, among others.

Judge Mohd Noor Abdullah should go back to Law School before he embarasses the Judiciary with even more ridiculous statements.

A Constitution is more about politics than law. A Constitution is the ultimate political document.

The Constitution, by convention, has been read to be compatible with the UN Charter and International Laws on the right of a child to be educated in his or her mother tongue. The right to be educated in one's mother tongue is not confined to merely learning the language but includes all learning in that language.

The Judge claims that he's no politician. Yet he plays politics with the subject of vernacular education.

The only reason for his politically incorrect statement is because the Chinese refused to vote for MCA and Gerakan, the running dogs of Umno. The Chinese stand is being portrayed as "betrayal of the Malays".

Since when did Umno, a mere political party, become synonymous with the Malays?

Did the Malays who voted for PR betray the Malays too? Is there no common sense, let alone intelligence, left in Malaysia?

Is this the result of the Umno Government fiddling with public examination marks under state secrecy laws to hand out free degrees to morons even in critical disciplines?

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