Monday, 6 May 2013



DAP Polling agents have identified individuals named in the Sabah RCI, of illegally receiving MyKads, voting in several Klang polling centres in today's polls.

"Our PACAs (Polling Agents, Counting Agents) identified them, and objected, but the Election Commission officers refused to sign the objection form we filled in," said incumbent Klang MP Charles Santiago.

"They kept saying they have to ask higher ups," he lamented.

When asked for details, he said that he does not have the actual tally of all the cases, as the PACAs are still compiling the names identified.

Charles also disclosed that there may be law enforcement officers in cahoots with the 'foreign-looking' men seen to be voting today's elections.

He claimed that in at least one polling centre, police gave out fluorescent police vests to the 'foreign-looking' men to facilitate their entry into polling centers.

"When some were found out to be phantom voters, the police then came to rescue them and whisked them away," claimed Charles.

Yesterday Charles alleged that some 2000 of those named as illegal MyKads holders in the Sabah RCI, are at large and registered to vote in the industrial state, with over 500 of them in situ in Klang itself. (MKINI)

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