Friday, 10 May 2013


KOTA KINABALU :  State Reform Party (STAR) will continue its political struggle for justice, change and for the recognition and implementation of Sabah's rights and autonomy, said its Sabah Chairman, Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan.

In a statement here, Jeffrey said that STAR will undergo internal change, firstly by re-organizing and re-strategizing the Party to empower its mission to educate Sabahans about Sabah's position within the Malaysian Federation.  He said this must be sustained for the future of the State.

"There are so many things to do ahead of us, one of which is to push even harder for land reform and institutional changes," he said.  "We had started the ball rolling on educating the people on critical issues affecting their lives and Sabah's future, and this process need to be continued and accelerated to fulfillment."

He also recorded his gratitude to all the voters who had given their votes to the STAR's candidates, and especially those who gave him the victory in Bingkor.

"My objective is to make Bingkor a model of rural socio-economic transformation. But rest assured that my service as a leader will not be limited to Bingkor alone but to all Sabahans," he said. "STAR will be the voice of Sabahans who want justice, their rights reinstated, and for Sabah to be an autonomous region in the federation."

Jeffrey said that since the people have given STAR one seat, the Party will capitalize on this as a platform and launching pad to continue to raise various issues and to push for the revival of Sabah's rights.

"This single seat is only the beginning. Don't forget that even  PKR also had only one parliamentary seat in 1999. Our strength is the truth, not on our ability to lie and cheat," he said. "And I believe this weapon alone will eventually galvanize the people's solid support in the near future.

"I call upon all leaders, members and supporters of STAR not to be discouraged, but to continue believing in the future and our struggle for what is right, for justice and for a new Sabah."

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