Tuesday, 14 May 2013


STATELESS ....Fairuz Khairuddin wants a motion to be tabled in parliament to make Anwar stateless for causing chaos in the country.


PETALING JAYA: PKR’s former deputy chief minister in Penang, Fairuz Khairuddin, today called for Anwar Ibrahim’s citizenship to be stripped if the latter continues to cause chaos in the country.

Fairuz, a former close aide of Anwar, was quoted by Umno-Online today as saying that Anwar was a threat to the security of the nation following his mass rallies nationwide to protest against alleged electoral fraud.

“If Anwar continues to instigate the people to break and challenge the sovereignty of the country’s laws, the implication of which will be chaos, then a motion to strip him of his citizenship must be tabled in parliament,” Fairuz was quoted in the Umno mouthpiece.

Fairuz also suggested that Malaysia’s security and peace can be guaranteed without Anwar.

Fairuz was appointed as the Penang DCM 1 after the 2008 general election but he soon quit his post and party, citing personal issues. He then joined Umno in 2010.

Fairuz today said that a motion must be brought in the parliament to strip off Anwar’s citizenship if the latter “continues to break the laws by provoking and acting in seditious manner”.

He added that MPs must be brave to table such a motion as Anwar’s acts are detrimental to the safety and security of Malaysia.

“If Anwar continues to instigate the people to break the law which can lead to chaos and unrest, the motion to strip his citizenship must be tabled.

“This will ensure that the nation’s peace, safety and secutiry are protected…I am convinced Anwar will not stop instigating the people from breaking the law,” he added.

Fairuz said Anwar was using the people to create unrest as a result of his unhappiness in being unable to form a Pakatan Rakyat government.

“He is using the people as his puppets to protest in the streets,” he said.

He urged the people to reject Anwar and his political agenda.

“I am confident that Anwar will not stop until his ambition to become the prime minister is achieved,” said Fairuz.

In the May 5 general election, Pakatan Rakyat suffered a narrow defeat when it could only win 89 seats to allow Najib Tun Razak-led Barisan Nasional to form the federal government with 133 seats.

Pakatan leaders, led by Anwar, immediately claimed electoral fraud and called BN’s win illegitimate.

While in the process of gathering evidence of the electoral fraud, Anwar has embarked on a national roadshow to explain the ‘theft’ of the elections by BN, with the assistance of the Election Commission.

The first rally in Kelana Jaya last Wednesday saw a crowd of about 100,000 people. Since then, rallies were also held in Batu Kawan (Penang) and Ipoh (Perak). Two other rallies are scheduled to be held in Johor and Pahang this week.

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