Saturday, 4 May 2013


A VOTER Mr. Tien, who is still very much 'alive' had approached the N16. Luyang candidate Hiew King Cheu in his campaign operation office here to spell out his anger concerning he is classified as 'deceased' under the SPR electoral.

He produced the print-out from the SPR office and his police report to Hiew and he told Hiew that the SPR refused to reinstate his voting right by putting his name back on. SPR said he is no longer an illegible voter and cannot vote this round.

He is very furious and felt very upset because the refusal of the SPR to allow him to exercise his right to vote, Tien said he has been voting during the past elections, while the SPR simply declared him to be a dead person. For the Chinese is bad luck if declared as a dead person while he is still alive.

Tien wants his voting right to be reinstated seem not possible, this is because of the mistake of SPR or this is done with a purpose, SPR should explain why this can happen.

Many other names were missing and some were moved to a far away constituency in the middle of no way. The N16 Calon Hiew said this is very strange and not logical that voters found their names being deleted and totally disappeared from the electoral roll.

How can a person who is still alive be declared as a dead person? There must be something serious wrong, and if this is not done through purposely, then it must be a total negligence on the part of SPR. The SPR must explain to us why this can happen.

Many other voters continue to call on Hiew to express their grievances when they found their names being removed or being posted to a far away place, and there are many others who are pronounced dead still are alive and kicking with there status as dead.

The SPR has no power and not authorized to 'dump' voters to a place where they have never been there in their whole live. There must be something very wrong, is there any foul play involved? The SPR said their roll is clean and without phantom voters is not true and we have plenty of proof.

Hiew said, many people feel that this election is not at all clean, but just the reverse, the dirtiest one. From the situation arising in the SPR electoral roll we can see that things are not right. There will be many people unable to vote during this 13th general election.

The future of the country has been jeopardized by the intentional foul play in the electoral roll. There will be a thorough investigation to be carried out to find out all the faults in the electoral roll, and also to catch the culprits behind the foul play in manipulating the electoral roll causing the illegible voters losing their voting rights.

Hiew calls on the voters who cannot vote to go to SPR to seek clarification and make police report on why they have been dumped to other place to vote, with names missing and declared as dead person.

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