Wednesday 25 August 2010


RECOVER….Dr. Hiew together with the doctors, nurses and the staff of QEH 2

KOTA KINABALU Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew King Cheu after three weeks of leg muscle infection by bacteria receiving treatment in the QEH 2 had been discharged from hospital yesterday and resting at home at the moment.

The MP thanks the hospital for the treatment and the care extended to him, especially to the specialist doctors, doctors, nurses, and medical officers who had been executing their duty professionally and with high order of discipline.

With the few weeks of pain and agony in the hospital, the prayers from various church groups which included the prayer from the Islamic community, the get well message and encouragement, had indeed brought along much thoughts. Dr. Hiew said the pain and the prayers had really made him feel stronger and more determine to work harder for the Sabahan and Malaysian to create a new era and better living for all.

As far as the KK hospital is concerned, the stay and the treatment there had brought personal experience and further understanding on how our hospital is actually operating.

In fact, there had been some improvement as far as the hospital is concerned, but there is still much to be improved and upgrading needed. There is the need for more specialist doctors, medical officers, nurses, technician and other personals. The medical equipments, tools, ambulances and facilities still needed to be upgraded and further facilitate.

The government has to pay special attention to the car park problems in the QEH 1 and 2, the Likas Hospital and the Luyang Polyclinic especially.

The 660 beds twin-tower block in QEH 1 should be given top attention to ensure its early completion is achieved.

Dr. Hiew said he will definitely follow up to seek attention from the Minister of Health and mention in Parliament concerning the hospital facilities and the necessary up-grading require.

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