Monday 23 August 2010



DATUK Herbert Timbon Lagadan’s outburst as reported yesterday is a typical example of BN leaders who lost their sense of direction, under performing in their ministerial and ADUN duties and now trying to cover up their failures and collusion with UMNO by asking SAPP to shut up.

The more recent much publicized disgruntled views of the various leaders from the BN component parties, the confusion with the Indonesian consulate as well as the various employers organizations is ample proof that there is a complete lack of comprehensive policies by the BN government with regards to this illegal immigrants (PTI) issue. This clearly shows that BN is directionless, lost and clueless as to how to best resolve this issue.

When one has to resort to conceited and haughty press statements, it shows a desperate man who has run out of ideas. What the people of Sabah ask is that why now you can’t hear a squeak from the same PBS leaders who were then so vocal on certain issues when they were in the opposition?

Their persistent barking at BN, especially UMNO at that time, on the so called ‘Projek IC’, phantom voters and the unfair delineation of elections boundaries have suddenly turn to inaudible whimpers. What happened to 8 years of renewed loyalty in BN?

Have PBS suddenly been pacified that the issues are no longer relevant? Why are they no longer pursuing these matters? Why are they no longer pushing for the Royal Commission of Inquiry?

This was their promise to the voters of Sabah then, but it seems that “cakap tidak serupa bikin”. Or is it because that “PBS is a close friend of UMNO” that these issues are deemed no longer high in their political priority list?

Surely, this political compromise shows that PBS leaders have long given up on the rakyat’s needs and aspirations. It seems that the order of the day is “every man for himself” before the next General Elections.

The Kadamaian assemblyman had recently advised Kg Tambotuan villagers to see the larger picture and sacrifice to make way for the Rm450million Dam. Common sense tells us that one does not need a gargantuan structure to ensure ample water supply for the ‘jelapang padi’ scheme.

Proper irrigations and canals are cheaper and easier to maintain whilst ensuring no one needs to sacrifice their ancestral lands for the sake of development. Herbert should stop dancing to his political master’s tune at the expense of Kadamaian constituents’ livelihood and wellbeing.

PBS leaders have chosen to disregard the voices of the rakyat of Sabah and to serve their political master, UMNO instead. This continued collusion between PBS and UMNO has meant continued suffering for Sabah and Sabahans. On the other hand, SAPP has always and will continue to be the voice of the people of Sabah and as such will never be bullied to SHUT UP.

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