Tuesday 24 August 2010


INSPECT…. Edward and Dr. Edwin inspect the road sign at the junction of Taman Golden City.

SABAH DAP had received numerous complaints from drivers that their view being blocked view by a road sign when they were turning from Taman Golden City into Foh Sang Shop Lot.

It is appreciated that road sign are put up along the road to provide information, Allow the driver to have a clear direction of the road, especially to those road users who are not familiar in the area.

Unfortunately, the road signs placed at the inappropriate locations, it blocked the left sight of the road when turning out form the junction, especially for the senior citizen road users who generally have restricted view, and they might experience difficulties at that junction with limited viewing angle.

If the road sign are obstructing road user view, it might lead to driver confusion and consequently, safety hazards.

Restricted view at the road junction, not only because of a small angle between the intersecting roads, but also as a result of trees and unauthorized bunting blockage, make the driver difficulties to notice other approaching vehicles.

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman, Edward Ewol Mujie and Sabah DAP State Publicity Secretary, Dr. Edwin Bosi, urge the City Council to relocate the said road sign for the safety for the road users and improve the Luyang community infrastructure and public amenities safety level.

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