Tuesday, 14 May 2013


WALK.... A file photo shows Jan leading a group of youths during the ‘Silent Walk’ at the Suria Sabah, on Monday. – Photo courtesy of Sabby Swift

AT 3PM on the 8th of May, I received 2 phone calls “JAN Chow! Where are you?” requesting me to submit to the police station for a statement. They didn’t introduce themselves, and they didn’t tell me the purpose of the call.

After discussions with my lawyer, I asked the unknown voice on the phone if I could come in the next day morning. He agreed at first, but then changed his mind.

At 4:30pm, A police van appeared in front of my house. 5 un-uniformed men and 2 women repeatedly shouted my name from the street, asking me to come out. I requested to see some documentation. One man replied simply, “we are police”.

Unwilling to show me their documentation, one officer flashed me an ID card and pulled it back so quickly that I never had a chance to see it. He threatened to cuff me if I refuse to enter the van.

I was sent to the criminal section of Karamunsing Police station. They made me sit beside someone who was cuffed and kneeling on the floor. My lawyer arrived who understood.

He told me I didn’t have to answer any of their questions. But when I was asked to give a statement, my lawyer was not allowed in the room. Despite a few blackouts that slowed the process down, the officer questioning me did his job well and asked me all the procedural questions.

When we finished, he asked me to get 2 of my friends to bail me out. Two of my friends rushed over and Dr Chong Eng Leong generously came prepared to bail me out. But they did not charge me any fee. I merely have to report myself on 22nd May to the police station.

It was not a scary experience at all. I am writing this to reassure my friends and family and everyone who cares about me. Please do not worry.

I was overwhelmed by all the love I received after the incident. I would say we did achieve some kind of “Change” in our nation, may be not the same change the politicians have been shouting about, but a social change nonetheless I do not support any political party, hence I will not respond to Anwar’s call for a gathering.

But I do think that SPR and the new government must investigate the election results and resolve any irregularities through the proper legal processes. If they refuse to do their job, I think you will see young people forcing their voice into your comfort zone.

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